Meet Senior Decision Makers From:

  • Canadian LNG Export Terminal Developers
  • International Terminal Developers
  • Asian Buyers Of LNG (including Utilities, Governments, LNG Import Terminal Operators and Petrochemicals companies)
  • Regulators
  • Provincial & Federal Government
  • First Nations
  • Pipeline Operators
  • Canadian E&P companies
  • Ports
  • Shipping Companies

With The Following Job Titles

  • LNG Marketing
  • LNG Origination
  • LNG Trading
  • LNG Purchasing
  • LNG Contracts
  • Natural Gas Trading
  • Natural Gas Marketing
  • Supply
  • Logistics
  • Export
  • Business Development
  • Head of Commercial Operations
  • Regional LNG Representatives
  • Commercial
  • Marketing
  • Gas Marketing
  • Gas Scheduling / Scheduler
  • Natural Gas
  • Gas Trading
  • Market Analysis
  • Transportation
  • Corporate Development
  • Strategy
  • Risk
  • Trading
  • Corporate Planning
  • Energy Trading

Plus Providers Of Product Services & Support Including:

  • EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Companies who service the LNG industry
  • Oil & Gas investment Banks
  • Drilling Rig Providers
  • Oil & Gas Recruitment Solutions
  • LNG module providers
  • LNG Ship / Carrier / Tanker / Vessel Owners
  • LNG FEED Contractors
  • Workforce Housing
  • Workforce Planning & Recruitment Solutions (recruitment consultancy / recruitment software / employee lodging)
  • LNG safety / inspection services
  • LNG Strategy and Planning Consultancy
  • Tax Advisory & Financial Services
  • Environmental Assessment Companies
  • Land Management Services
  • Law Firms (Specializing in Government Relations / Tax)
  • Law Firms (Specializing in First Nations & Stakeholder Relations)
  • Law Firms (Specializing in Land Rights)
  • Liquefaction Technology
  • Regasification Technology
  • Carrier Technology
  • LNG Transfer
  • LNG Containers
  • Freight Advisors
  • LNG Brokers
  • Plant Management
  • Helicopter Service Providers
  • Crane Services


2015 is set to be a defining year for Canadian LNG export proponents as they move their multibillion-dollar projects closer to FIDs in the context of B.C.'s latest fiscal regimes.

It has never been more important therefore for terminal and pipeline developers to meet Canadian producers responsible for ramping up supply from key natural gas plays; international buyers with an interest in the latest value proposition of Canadian LNG; community spokesmen and First Nations who hold a vested interest and strong say in the fast expanding infrastructure through their homes, lands and wildlife habitats; and government representatives who have a duty to ensure the positive progress of a mutually beneficial, globally competitive Canadian LNG exports industry.

The Third Annual Canadian LNG Exports Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration Initiative 2015 returns as the first major gathering of the year for Canadian LNG decision makers across the supply chain. Upstream, midstream and downstream practical perspectives will be thoroughly cross-examined by buyer, community and First Nations wanting to know the full economic and social implications of their decisions.

This conference leaves no stone unturned in its practical assessment of Canada's impending LNG Exports industry at a time when global LNG competition has never looked fiercer.


THE ONLY CANADIAN LNG EVENT DEALING WITH THE IMPLICATIONS OF THE CURRENT FISCAL REGIME : At this first major Canadian LNG export event since the fiscal regime announcement, speakers from terminal proponents, pipeline proponents, E&Ps, government and regulatory bodies will provide perspectives on the implications of the Canadian LNG fiscal regime for FIDs

THE ONLY CANADIAN LNG EVENT TO THOROUGHLY EXAMINE THE PRACTICAL EXECUTION OF LNG TERMINAL PROJECTS IN CANADA AND  WORLDWIDE USING PRACTICAL CASE STUDIES : For the first time, speakers will move beyond fiscal debates to examine the plans of LNG terminal proponents for ensuring proposed projects can be delivered on time and on budget whilst assessing progress made by directly competing international projects

THE ONLY CANADIAN LNG EVENT FULLY INTEGRATING UPSTREAM STRATEGIES : In addition to the annual contributions from terminal and pipelines proponents, this year's event will provide views from natural gas producers in the Montney, Duvernay and Horn River on their plans for supporting the Canadian LNG industry

THE ONLY CANADIAN LNG EVENT WITH A STRONG REPUTATION FOR PRIORITIZING STRATEGIES FOR COLLABORATING WITH LOCAL COMMUNITIES, FIRST NATIONS & NON-OIL & GAS INDUSTRY SECTORS :  Supplementing last year's First Nation's perspectives, this year's event will include views from trade unions, municipal and regional authorities as well as industry leaders from outside the oil & gas sector to provide a 360 degree view on what needs to be done to gain local and national support for LNG projects

THE ONLY CANADIAN LNG EVENT WITH A STRONG EMPHASIS ON MAXIMIZING LOCAL CONTENT : Determining how industry, government and community stakeholders can collaborate to maximize local content on Canadian LNG projects to increase the benefits to local communities & facilitate public support

THE ONLY CANADIAN LNG EVENT PROVIDING A 360° GLOBAL BUYER PERSPECTIVES : In addition to expanding the range of Asian buyer perspectives detailing their appetite for Canadian LNG exports, this year's event will address interests from a wider range of global LNG markets to determine how they can supplement high priority Asian markets for Canadian LNG in the long term


2014 Highlights



As Canada's longest running LNG exports event, here is a selection of the reasons why our 300 delegates keep coming back:

"Useful content and discussions"


"Overall the conference was very informative. Good networking opportunity"


"Very comprehensive view of the challenges to bringing LNG to reality. Very good mix of topics"

Canbriam Energy Inc

"The Canadian Business Conferences are a must attend for serious business people"

Highbank Resources

"Excellent overview of insights into the challenges and opportunities in the Canadian LNG market!"


"Excellent venue and opportunity to share lessons learned, good and bad, and come away with valuable insight into going forward regarding LNG market opportunities and challenges in BC"

Hill International

"I enjoyed the frankness of the First Nations position and the comparison to US LNG"

Bredero Shaw

"Topics were well covered with great structure"

Yellow Head Helicopters


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